Update: sepsis (English)

The last days were very turbulent, and I wanted to give people an update. I posted this on my instagram as well. I wanted to post more, but I am still weak from the strong antibiotics I am on at the moment. I will post more about this when I have more energy.

I started getting a fever on Wednesday night. The next morning I went to my general practicioner. My general practicioner gave me antibiotics but after some hours my fever went up and I started to feel worse. My general practicioner had warned me that if my fever would go up instead of down I would have to call a doctor. Later on in the evening I decided to call the hospital. I went there and after some tests they sent me to the ER. My heart rate was way too high, my blood pressure very low and my fever was going up rapidly as well, I had a fever of 104 that was still going up. They immediately did blood tests and gave me fluids intravenously to get the blood pressure up. They also gave me 2 grams of antibiotics (ceftriaxon) intravenously to try to stop the sepsis. After doctors had stabilized me I was told that I had to stay at the hospital for some days at least, up until they find out what caused the sepsis. I’ve been in the hospital for two days now and the doctors have not found the source of the sepsis yet. It likely was caused by an infection in the urinal tract or in my leg (as I had a swollen, red patch on my leg). Sepsis can be fatal if not treated immediately so I was lucky to be at the hospital at the right time. The nurse told me that things could have went differently if I had decided to ‘sleep it off’ instead of calling the hospital at night. I’m still on the antibiotics now but my blood levels still show that there is an infection in my blood. During the high fever at night (when I was sent to the ER) the infection levels were more than ten times too high, now they are a bit lower.


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